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FinTACS™ Modeling;

At the core of any successful enterprise is its ability to create accurate projections in order to determine operating costs and cash flow. Whether budgeting, financial planning or seeking investment capital, accurate and believable projections is the name of the game.

We have used the remarkable power of FinTACS to help entrepreneurs raise capital with an unprecedented success rate. That's because FinTACS employs a unique, comprehensive approach to your financials, and perhaps the most critical resource of all ... YOU!

Using FinTACS, you create a business model that is totally customized to the way you run your business. You create a living program that is specific to your company, your methodology and your goals. Once designed, you can start using this FinTACS business model immediately. There are no blanks to fill in; it already speaks your language.

FinTACS™ Analysis

FinTACS excels at organizing your financial data to arrive at detailed, defendable assumptions. But it also goes where no other model can, with the ability to analyze your business for the next five years, month by month, using 50,000 or more different scenarios. You can determine how much working capital you'll need to have a 99% chance of success.

With FinTACS, you can perform those critical 'what if' scenarios to determine the best course of action throughout the life of your business. And what's more, FinTACS is designed to grow with your business, and last for its duration.


The BusinessMRI is an extension to FinTACS in that it easily compares actual operational results to the projections provided in the FinTACS model. It is a stand-alone software program that uses data available via the Internet. The projected data is input by Business Plan Tools from the FinTACS model and the actual data is updated by Business Plan Tools from the monthly financial statements provided by the client's accountant.

Once the data file is downloaded from the Internet (a secure process performed automatically by the software), the user can view graphically the results of his/her operation and how they compare to the projections. A Business Plan Tools representative, called a Financial Architect™, analyzes the results, advises the client on potential problems and can work with the client to help resolve any problems.

The analyses are similar to those provided by the analytical modules in FinTACS, but now the client can easily see monthly progress compared to the projected scenario.

Funding Plans

Entrepreneurs have many reasons to have someone else prepare their business funding plan:

  • They have already tried and failed
  • They don't have the time to do it themselves
  • They don't want to waste any more money
  • They don't want to waste any more time
  • They realize that an impartial third-party would be of immeasurable help
  • Someone has recommended a rewrite by Business Plan Tools
  • Their 'window of opportunity' is too short
  • They would rather hire an expert in this area
  • They don't feel confident they can do it well enough to succeed
  • etc.

That's OK. We can do it for you.

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